Ecological Transformation

⦿ 13 Rivers Rejuvenated
⦿ Forest cover increased by 30%
⦿ 70% barren land became cultivable.
⦿ Sariska Tiger Reserve saved from illegal mining (through litigation)
⦿ 5 rivers saved from encroachments.

Water Security

⦿ 100 Billion liters rain-water harvested every year.
⦿ 10,000 sq km area converted from no-water zone to water - secure zone.
⦿ Water Secuity to one million families

Food Security & Livelihood

⦿ 100% agricultural productivity increased.
⦿ Milk production increased by 100%
⦿ Income levels doubled.
⦿ 30% increase in consumption of green vegetables.

Community Leadership

⦿ Strong cadre of 10,000 ‘Jal Yodhas’ or volunteers who act as the crusaders for change in their communities.
⦿ 10 river parliaments established.
⦿ Rise in confidence of the community to take collective responsibility of managing their natural resources.

Women and Girls

⦿ Women are saved from drudgery by 2-4 hours of fetching water.
⦿ Average marriageable age increased from 18 years to 22-24 years.
⦿ They are now active participants in village development.

Access to Education

⦿ Today 75% girls attend primary school as compared to the 5% earlier.
⦿ Environmental awareness camps for 3000 school students.
⦿ 100 school buildings built which are now run by State government.
⦿ Opened 1000 informal education centres for children and adult literacy.

Health, Nutrition & Sanitation

⦿ 25% women trained in traditional medicines and nutritious diet.
⦿ Sanitation improved for over 5000 people through toilet installation in 956 houses in western UP.
⦿ Toilets installed in 5000 schools of western UP.

Connecting Water Communities

⦿ 'Jal Biradari', is a network of passionate 200 professionals, lawyers, hydrologists, researchers and social activists, politicians and bureaucrats, working for water conservation
⦿ People's World Commission on Drought and Flood is a bench established for reducing costs and risks to life, livelihood and ecosystems through community-driven nature rejuvenation

Water Literacy

⦿ 25000 water conservationists, researchers, CSO members, policy makers and other professionals trained from all over India.
⦿ Trained teams of environmentalists from 30 countries like Iran, Afghanistan, Kenya etc.
⦿ 5000 farmers trained in sustainable irrigation techniques resulting in 50% increase in water productivity.

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