Some of the articles/news pieces on Tarun Bharat Sangh from the archives of the India’s most reputed Dailies/ Periodicals

Year, MonthDaily/ PeriodicalTitleLink
2015, May, 10The Times of IndiaStart saving water for a secure future, says waterman of IndiaKnow More
2015, April, 20The Indian ExpressWater Man Kicks off Campaign to Quench Thirst of EveryoneKnow More
2015, April, 20The HinduState must enact water security ActKnow More
2015, March, 21BBC‘Water man of India’ Rajendra Singh bags top prizeKnow More
2015, March, 21The Economic TimesActivist Rajendra Singh wins Stockholm Water Prize 2015Know More
2015, March, 3The Times of IndiaScrapping river policy was wrong, says waterman Rajendra SinghKnow More
2015, February, 19The Hindu‘Waterman’ stresses need for harvesting rainwaterKnow More
2015, January, 05The Indian ExpressWe are sucking up groundwater fastKnow More
2013, June,29The HinduIndia a ‘contractor-led democracy’, says country’s ‘Waterman’Know More
2013, June,25The Times of IndiaRain havoc a man-made disaster: Green activistKnow More
2013, June,20Business StandardGroundwater depletion: UP urges farming of less water-intensive cropsKnow More
2013, June,15The HinduWatermans mantra reviving one river in each stateKnow More
2013, June,14The New Indian Express‘Need policy to revive rivers, lakes’Know More
2013, May,26The HinduWaterman foresees serious water scarcityKnow More
2013, May,17The Indian ExpressWaterman of India raps UP for ignoring groundwater level dipKnow More
2013, May,01The Times of IndiaCivic bodies must draft policy to restore rivers of Pune: ExpertKnow More
2013, April,22The HinduHow to revive rivers: know from ‘water man’Know More
2013, April,18The Times of IndiaCampaigning for Water: ‘jal jan jodo’Know More
2013, April,11The Times of IndiaDams may dry up Ganga, warns ministerial groupKnow More
2013, April,11The HinduIMG’s proposals will destroy Ganga, warns water ConservationistKnow More
2013, January,15The Times of IndiaAsh ponds shouldn’t be near rivers, says Rajendra SinghKnow More

Some of the articles/news pieces on Tarun Bharat Sangh from the archives of the India’s most reputed Dailies/ periodicals

DateDaily/ PeriodicalTitlePDF
2012, December,19The PioneerWaterman takes to streets against 3rd Hindon BridgeView PDF
2012, November,25The Times of IndiaGanga Sansad to begin from GarhmukteshwarView PDF
2012, November,3Nav Bharat TimesGanga SansadView PDF
2012, June, 10The HinduOnly a Central Act can save the Ganga: WatermanView PDF
2012, May, 15The HinduActivists threaten to stage protestView PDF
2012, March, 12The HinduManmohan turns down Waterman’s resignation from Ganga AuthorityView PDF
2012, March, 11The HinduManmohan not understanding responsibility, says Rajendra SinghView PDF
2012, March, 10The Indian ExpressWaterman Rajendra Singh, 2 others quit NGRBAView PDF
2012, January,12The Times of IndiaConstruction in River bed violates HC OrderView PDF
2012, January,01The HinduWaterman brings local guardians back to protect Sariska tigersView PDF
2011, OctoberThe HinduToshiba hails Watermans vision and workView PDF
2011, JuneTimes of IndiaOur Rivers drying up is a bigger scam than black moneyView PDF
2011, JanuaryThe HinduTrickle of HopeView PDF
2010, OctoberTimes of IndiaWaterman on Ganga YatraView PDF
2010, SeptemberThe HinduWaterman plans campaign to ‘liberate’ the GangaView PDF
2010, SeptemberTimes of IndiaWaterman becomes Ganga SaviorView PDF
2009, AugustTimes of IndiaSave Ganga!View PDF
2009, JuneThe Economic TimesListen to the WatermanView PDF
2009, JanuaryTimes of IndiaMithi may flood you once againView PDF
2008, NovemberTimes of IndiaActivists demandView PDF
2008, OctoberThe HinduCheck dams make dead river alive, bring prosperityView PDF
2008, JanuaryThe HinduRiver March to save the LuniView PDF
2005, JuneThe HinduA case for defining water ownershipView PDF
2003, NovemberThe HinduCharles lauds the ‘water warriors’View PDF
2003, AugustBusiness LineDecentralised water management vitalView PDF
2003, Februarypeople and planetIndia’s village women fight to protect waterView PDF
2001, AugustFrontlineThe waterman of RajasthanView PDF
2000, DecemberThe Hindu3 gram sabhas get awards for conservationView PDF
2000, JuneBusiness LineA river is rebornView PDF
2000, MarchThe HinduPresident praises villagers’ initiativeView PDF
1998, DecemberThe weekMan of the yearView PDF

Some of the articles/news pieces on Tarun Bharat Sangh from the archives of the reputed International Dailies/ Periodicals

DateDaily/ PeriodicalTitlePDF
2010, JulyGUERNICARehydrating IndiaView PDF
2008, JanThe Guardian, UK50 people who could save the planetView PDF
2003, JulThe Economist, UKThe Water manView PDF
2002, SepNational Geographic, USAWater PressureView PDF
1994, MarThe Independent, UKThe Broader Picture: White-harvesters of RajasthanView PDF

Some of the articles/news pieces on Tarun Bharat Sangh from the archives of the India’s most reputed Environmental Magazine

Year, MonthTitlePDF
1993, FebruaryGoing back to the past for a better futureView PDF
1993, JulyTo mine or not to mineView PDF
1993, AugustDigging their own graveView PDF
1993, DecemberPeople goaded to save their forestsView PDF
1994, MarchReserve powerView PDF
1994, MarchConservation catalystView PDF
1995, MarchForests marchView PDF
1997, JanuaryFishing traumaView PDF
1998, MarchRiver of joyView PDF
1998, NovemberMind over matterView PDF
1999, JanuaryA million mutiniesView PDF
1999, MarchWater of lifeView PDF
1999, MarchYou are the governmentView PDF
1999, MarchComing back to lifeView PDF
1999, MarchTo hell and backView PDF
2000, AprilHamlets rebornView PDF
2000, AprilA belief in traditionView PDF
2000, AprilAwarded: bhanwta- kolyalaView PDF
2000, OctoberBreaking the iceView PDF
2000, NovemberManaging a crisisView PDF
2001, JanuaryAn award for the peopleView PDF
2001, MayNeemi’s water conferenceView PDF
2001, JulyWho owns the riverView PDF
2001, AugustRain catcherView PDF
2001, AugustVindicatedView PDF
2001, OctoberPrize of hard workView PDF
2002, MarchBorn againView PDF
2002, JulyPresidents choiceView PDF
2004, DecemberThe law holds no waterView PDF
2008, NovemberYamuna in focusView PDF

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