On the basis of 10 indicators such as nutrition, years of schooling, access to cooking fuel, sanitation, drinking water, electricity, etc., shows that 27.9% of India’s population are multidimensionally poor.

Given the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in its many forms and slowdown on all economic fronts over the last few years, the livelihoods of cross sections of the population in the country have been hard hit. A class of ‘new poor’ is an added challenge to India due to job loss, reverse migration, slowdown in industry and services sectors.

How we do

Goat Kits

TBS recognizes the plight of landless, deprived, and vulnerable families and takes measures to support them through the provision of goat kits. The kits consist of a mature female goat along with its kid, which serves as a sustainable source of income for the families. Goats provide various benefits, including milk, meat, and the potential for selling or breeding additional goats. This allows the families to generate a steady income and improve their overall livelihoods.

To ensure the success and sustainability, we provide training in goat rearing, proper goat care, feeding, breeding, and general management practices. This training equips them with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively raise and maintain their goats.

100+ families every year are supported with goat kits for livelihood generation.

Seed Kits

TBS identifies farmers who fall into the small and marginal category, often facing financial constraints in procuring quality seeds. We support these farmers by providing them with seeds of essential crops such as wheat, mustard, and chickpeas.

TBS aims to reduce the financial burden on farmers and enable them to continue their agricultural practices with improved resources. The provision of quality seeds helps enhance crop yield, improve the quality of produce, and potentially increase farmers’ income.

By reducing the input costs and promoting crop diversification, TBS contributes to the resilience and financial well-being of farmers, helping them break free from the cycle of debt and achieve greater economic stability.

Shramdaan Camps

Arid and semi-arid regions in India have been reeling under the effects of climate change which poses a great threat on their water security. With no means of irrigation where the majority of the population depends upon agriculture questions their existence. Immersing into the problem we designed Voluntary labour camps to support vulnerable families and individuals where they can directly be involved in ensuring water security for themselves. This emerged as an opportunity of building a climate resilient future and earning to support their families.


100+ families have been supported with goat kits and seed kits for livelihood generation. More than 100 rain water harvesting structures have been repaired and rejuvenated in the last year.

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