Space for Training/ Workshops

Space for Training/ Workshops

Many organizations hold their workshops and training programs in our Tarun Ashram. The organizations who are interested in giving grass-root level and rural experience to their staff conduct such events at our campus.

Many organizations use our space for conducting many development courses/ activities for the local communities in the region. Recently an organization used our infrastructure to offer a year long course of Plumbing for the un-employed youths of the local communities.

We provide the accommodation and food facilities at our campus for such kind of trainings/ workshop. It should be understood that our Campus is situated in rural area, so please don’t expect LUXURIES over here, but we take care for providing simple and hygienic amenities.

If you are interested in us for holding such workshop/ training at our campus, please write us at: / / /


For more information and expenses details read our Tarun Ashram Section for more information on rules and regulations and available facilities.

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