Promoting and Nurturing Gram Sabhas

TBS begins its engagement in most new villages by promoting Gram- Sabha (village council). The Gram-Sabha is an informal body comprised of representatives from each household in the village. It is obligatory for all households to attend the Gram Sabha meeting held usually twice a month except during the harvesting season. If necessary, an emergency meeting can be called. There is no single leader or a core group that oversees the management of the system. Instead, all households take active part in the working of the Gram Sabha and all decisions are taken by consensus. The Gram Sabha is a platform where all people can sit together and discuss openly; unlike in panchayats where political interests hamper the process.

Active involvement of the villagers has led to natural resources used as a regenerative input for various socio-economic and ecological developments. The gram sabha settles disputes within the village and organizes peaceful demonstration when the need arise. It pays special attention to the role of women and youth by establishing groups so as to give them responsibilities to maintain the development process.