To build a local leadership base and enhance capacities of local cadres on various issues of local governance, non-violent action, advocacy, social inclusiveness, diversity and livelihood rights, leadership development camps are conducted by Jal Jan Jodo at the campus of Tarun Bharat Sangh in Alwar.

The trainings have substantial participation of women. The main contents of these trainings are  on voluntarism, personality development, motivation, soft skills, leadership, participatory processes of planning, campaigning, rights based legislative framework approach, institution building and inclusive growth. Thematically, it would address water issues including water as a basic human right, dwindling village water resources, community rights and duties, water governance and the importance of water conservation. The trained leaders will further take up the water governance agenda in their respective areas with the support of CBOs and panchayat bodies. The project will support the creation of local leadership able to facilitate inclusive development processes, the realization of rights and entitlements and the upholding of democratic values and principals.