Policy Level

The TBS achievements in building up appropriate institutional mechanisms for integrated water resource management based on traditional and indigenous skills, knowledge, cultural values are well recognized and appreciated by a cross-section of the society. This recognition propelled TBS to pursue advocacy route to transform the people-exclusionary policies into inclusive one on issues of rights, conservation, management, pollution, over-exploitation and encroachment of water resources.

In parallel of being a grassroots implementing agency now TBS also playing a role of an intermediary support level agency that is now expected to deliver the following functions:

  • Training staff of NGOs in water harvesting in arid/semi-arid regions of various states.
  • Establish the credibility of traditional water harvesting structures
  • Help various organisations in activities related to public advocacy and for fighting against repressive Acts of the Government (such as privatisation of water rights).
  • Act as mediators between Government interests and civil society, due to the credibility TBS now enjoys nationally and internationally.
  • Play an active role at global, national and state level for influencing policies related to water harvesting and distribution.


TBS’s efforts of organizing the villages and local communities across the country have resulted in the formulation of the Rashtriya Jal Biradari (National Water Community).

Rashtriya Jal Biradari is a network of various like-minded individuals, farmers groups, social groups, VO’s, NGO’s, Research Institutions, social scientist, water experts basically all those who are concerned and have deep interest in the issue related to water. It is engaged in colossal nation-wide struggle on issues of rights, conservation, management, pollution, over-exploitation and encroachment of water resources so as to make people oriented National and State Water Policies, Acts, Authorities etc.

TBS has launched a nationwide campaign popularly called as Nadi Bacaho Abhiyan (Copy of the Save the Rivers Mission). The nationwide campaign along River Ganga and other small rivers in India is going on relentlessly.