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Some of the articles/news pieces on Tarun Bharat Sangh from the archives of the India’s most reputed Dailies/ Periodicals

2015, May, 10 The Times of India Start saving water for a secure future, says waterman of India click
2015, April, 20 The Indian Express Water Man Kicks off Campaign to Quench Thirst of Everyone click
2015, April, 20 The Hindu State must enact water security Act click
2015, March, 21 BBC ‘Water man of India’ Rajendra Singh bags top prize click
2015, March, 21 The Economic Times Activist Rajendra Singh wins Stockholm Water Prize 2015 click
2015, March, 3 The Times of India Scrapping river policy was wrong, says waterman Rajendra Singh click
2015, February, 19 The Hindu ‘Waterman’ stresses need for harvesting rainwater click
2015, January, 05 The Indian Express We are sucking up groundwater
2013, June,29 The Hindu India a ‘contractor-led democracy’, says country’s ‘Waterman’ click
2013, June,25 The Times of India Rain havoc a man-made disaster: Green activist click
2013, June,20 Business Standard Groundwater depletion: UP urges farming of less water-intensive crops click
2013, June,15 The Hindu Watermans mantra reviving one river in each state click
2013, June,14 The New Indian Express ‘Need policy to revive rivers, lakes’ click
2013, May,26 The Hindu Waterman foresees serious water scarcity click
2013, May,17 The Indian Express Waterman of India raps UP for ignoring groundwater level dip click
2013, May,01 The Times of India Civic bodies must draft policy to restore rivers of Pune: Expert click
2013, April,22 The Hindu How to revive rivers: know from ‘water man’ click
2013, April,18 The Times of India Campaigning for Water: ‘jal jan jodo’ click
2013, April,11 The Times of India Dams may dry up Ganga, warns ministerial group click
2013, April,11 The Hindu IMG’s proposals will destroy Ganga, warns water Conservationist click
2013, January,15 The Times of India Ash ponds shouldn’t be near rivers, says Rajendra Singh click