Grass Root Level Activities

Beginning from the organization’s origination TBS believe that for unvanquishable development process, it needs to develop an excellent cell of human resource for grassroots work. TBS’s in-house educated and actuated personnel boost livelihoods at the grassroots level. They work on an ever-expanding scale in sectors as diverse as agriculture, natural resource management, health, and women empowerment, each of them playing a key role in TBS’s grassroots development programs and expansive outreach.

TBS undertakes self-evaluation exercises. While meetings are held every month, emergency meeting can called any time. Here too, one of its main foci is on motivating people. It stresses a great deal on professional way of doing things but with a humane approach.

The members of TBS are scattered in the field leading simple life with the villagers, so that they are one with them in their day to day problems and help them in finding indigenous solutions.