Jan Jal Jodo Abhiyan

Jal Jan Jodo Abhiyan is a nationwide campaign begins with an objective to ensure water security, protecting pond, lakes, and rivers through community participation by motivating society by developing water literacy campaign. This movement acting as joint platform of civil society organizations, Government departments, Universities, Professors, lawyers, students, journalists, writers, NSS, NCC, volunteers & grass root water activists throughout the Natation. Besides. The campaign is also strengthening deprived and suppressed communities like Dalit, tribal, women population and empowering them to strengthen their voices to secure water rights.

Jal Jan Jodo campaign was launched in 2013 working on water issues from twenty-two states under the leadership of conservationist and Stockholm Water Prize winner popularly known as `Waterman’ Rajendra Singh.

The main objective of the campaign is to connect people with water conservation issues. The campaign leaders believe that government schemes alone will not be able to end the water crisis in the country and to make them effective people’s participation and ownership is necessary. In twenty-two state campaign leaderships are active in mobilizing civil society on water issues. Link: http://jaljanjodoabhiyan.org/